Choose between a custom website design...

Both design types include 1 year of free web hosting (optional) and all features outlined below.

Photo Gallery

Lightbox photo gallery with the ability to create multiple albums. Fully editable in VedaCMS.


Display current availability or upcoming travel plans to visitors. Fully managed within your VedaCMS website editor.


Basic blogging tool to keep visitors up to date with recent news or announcements. Built seamlessly into website design.

Mailing List

Create up to 5 mailing lists which visitors can subscribe to from your website. Used to send out bulk messages to subscribers.

Membership System (not paid)

Built in membership system that allows you to make pages, photo, blogs and calendar entries private. NOT a paid member system.

Mobile Website

A mobile-friendly version of your website is included that displays the same content & photo as your full website.

Advertising Banner

A custom, standard-sized (468x60) advertising banner to match the colors and font styles of your site.

Link Exchange Manager

Dedicated page to display banners and show exchanged links with other websites.


Video Gallery

Basic video gallery that allows you to add remotely hosted videos on Vimeo or similar. Can also upload & self-host html5 compatible videos.

1 Year Free Offshore Hosting

Optional web hosting on one of my servers with the first year free. Subsequent years of hosting service cost $135 annually. Learn more.


Domain Registration

Optional registration and management of your domain name if you don't wish to divulge your real name and address to a domain registrar.

SSL Booking Form (offshore location)

Editable web forms submitted securely over an encrypted, SSL connection. Provided from my or secure form service.


Semi-Custom Template Designs
  • Browse Template Gallery
  • 1st Draft:
    Around 2 Weeks
  • Launch:
    Around 3 Weeks from Start
  • Includes:
    Fully custom logo & advertising banner.
    Customized Preset Options.
  • Billing Hours Included:
    Up to 15 Development Hours
  • Availability:
    Varies. At least 1 Ea. Week
  • Payment:
    Full Amount to Schedule
  • Addon Options:
    $200 for Rush Job
    $150 Fully Custom Colors
    $50/hr Other Special Changes
  • Template FAQ
  • Cancellation Policy


Hourly Billing Rate
  • 1st Draft:
  • Launch:
  • Includes:
    Most types of design/development
  • Billing Hours:
    Hourly Freelance Rate
     (30 minute minimum)
  • Availability:
  • Payment:
    50% deposit needed if estimated 2+ hrs
  • Rush Job:
    $100/hr instead
  • General FAQ
  • TOS Policy

Add-On Options

Rush Job: $200 to $400

Addon fee for expedited scheduling & development. Refer to service tables above for specific prices & timeline for each design type.

Design Credit Removal: $100

As outlined in my TOS, a design credit link is required in the footer area of every website I design. Because this link is how I generate most of my new business, a surcharge of $100 is required to have it removed.

Portfolio Removal : $50

Like the design credit above, showcasing samples of my work is an essential part of how I generate new business. I reserve the right to display a screenshot of past works in my portfolio. This can be waived by paying a $50 surcharge. Retired companions do not have to pay a fee for removal from my portfolio.

Extended Development : $50/hr

Hourly fee for additional development time that goes over the number of hours included with each design package. Also applies to special development on additional features or functionality requested for the website that is not a built-in feature of VedaCMS.

Additional Pages : $10 Each

Cost of additional pages beyond the first 10 that are already included.

Custom Design Costs:
Custom Prebuilt designs cost a flat $1000 unless extra add-on options are requested. This price also applies to "Made-to-Order" custom requests as long as I can find a base wireframe to start development from that uses an overall similar structure to what you want.

Scheduling: A 50% deposit is required to confirm scheduling & secure one of the openings on my development calendar.

Scheduling Priority:
Upcoming development spots are assigned on a first-come first-serve basis. Scheduling priority is given to whomever submits payment first.

These are fully custom designs I've already created (or can develop on-the-fly that were built from a base wireframe that. These are designs that I've either developed in my spare time or were originally created for someone else, who was cancelled for non-payment. Custom prebuilt designs can be revised in any way you want as long as we don't exceed the 25 total hours of development time included.

Custom designs built from scratch are those that use whatever colors, fonts, layout & graphical elements you want. Although custom designs can end up with similar looking layouts due to a finite number of layout variations possible, the base graphics are entirely unique. The design is built entirely to your specification and is intended for those who don't mind paying a premium for a completely unique design.

Custom designs built from scratch take significantly longer to create than Templates or Prebuilt Custom designs, which already have the layout code developed. Although it varies depending on the type of design and the number of revisions we do, custom designs built from scratch generally aren't ready to launch for at least 5-7 weeks from our start date. That includes the initial design stage, revisions based on your feedback, development and final testing.

Regrettably, my availability for custom designs built from scratch is very limited. Because I am only able to schedule these once every 4-6 weeks, I tend to book out very far in advance. If you're in a need of a website more quickly, one idea to consider is going with a template design and ordering non-standard customizations to give it more of a custom/unique look.

Custom designs have no limit on the number of revisions that can be done. However, all work must be completed within the 50 hours of total development time. If more time is needed to finsih development, those additional hours will be logged and added to your final invoice. The same rule applies for Custom Prebuilt designs, but within a 25 hours instead..

We can change whatever you want as long as all work is completed within the total number of work hours included with my fee. Additional hours beyond that will be logged as 'Extended Developkment' time and added as a separate charge to your final invoice.

Photos to be used within the design are needed before I can start development on a custom prebuilt or built from scratch design. The reason is because photos have a big impact on how I create those custom base graphics. If your photos won't be ready by our start date, it will be necessary for us to reschedule for whatever date you expect to have them back from your photographer.

Availability for custom design is extremely limited. Due to the time investment involved, I only take on one custom design built from scratch every 4-6 weeks. For this reason, I tend to book out several months in advance on built-from-scratch custom designs.

Although prebuilt custom designs have a much faster turnaround because the initial design phase is already complete, how often I can schedule these will depend on availability of designs.

Examples of previous custom design work can be found in my Portfolio.

To order, please visit my contact page and fill out the custom design request form. If you are requesting a prebuilt custom site, you can jump stright to the Getting Started page if you'd like to order & confirm scheduling immediately. However, if you are requesting a built from scratch custom design, I'll need to correspond with you about the type of design you have in mind before scheduling can be confirmed.