VedaCMS Fees

Design Clients : FREE

VedaCMS is included at no additional cost to custom or template design clients hosted on my server. Clients hosted elsewhere may still use VedaCMS, but there may be additional hourly charges for extra time to get VedaCMS working on your server.

Standalone : $200

VedaCMS can be purchased separately for use on a website not designed by Veda Designs. Fee includes use of VedaCMS plus 4 hours of my time to install it. Additional time may be required if your website needs to be heavily re-coded for compatibility. Additional hours are charged at $50/hour. Your hosting server MUST meet all requirements.

Hosted Installation : $300

Same as the above, but I'll transfer and host your website on my server. Fee includes the first year of hosting service plus four hours of my time to transfer over your site and install VedaCMS. Additional hours may be required if your website needs to be re-coded for compatibility.

VedaCMS Upgrades : $25

Only applies to major version upgrades that take longer than 30 minutes to install. If an upgrade is required to fix something broken on your website (that is the result of a problem with an older version of VedaCMS), there is no upgrade fee.

Server Requirements

VedaCMS will only work on servers that meet the following requirements:

  • Unix-based Server (NOT Windows)
  • cPanel Control Panel
  • PHP 5.4 or Higher
  • mySQL 4 or higher
  • GD2 Library
  • Safe Mode OFF
  • phpMyAdmin
  • Write File Access / CHMOD Permissions

If you won't be hosting your website with me, please be certain your server meets all requirements. I'm unable to take on design projects that will be hosted on incompatible web servers.

Upgrade Policy

Upgrades that require less than 30 minutes of work are free for design clients. Upgrades that take more time require a $25 upgrade fee.

Upgrades are not proactive. This just means they aren't done automatically and you must submit a ticket to request an upgrade. Upgrades done for will have a slower turnaround, as they're prioritized lower than other support requests.

An all-in-one content management system that allows you to manage your own website content.

In addition to text content & gallery changes, it includes many other features such as a blog, mailing list, calendar, video gallery and and link manager. There's even a built-in membership system (non-paid) that allows you to set any of your content (pages, photo albums, blog posts, calendar entries) as visible only to members.

VedaCMS is included at no additional cost if you order one of my designs. It's also available as a standalone product, though your hosting server must meet all requirements. As the sole creator & developer of VedaCMS, I make regular updates, bugfixes and feature add-ons to the software. Clients are welcome to request an upgrade when new versions come out.

Editing Capabilities:

Edit Page Text

  • Easily change the text on any of your pages
  • Standard text formatting
  • Create text or image links
  • Ability to edit html source
  • Embed images into a page
  • Add/Edit Meta Tags for each page
  • Undo last save in case you make an editing mistake

Manage Gallery

  • Create multiple albums
  • Unlimited photo uploads
  • Change thumbnail size & shape
  • Add custom text watermark
  • Basic photo editing (crop/resize)
  • Reorder thumbnails & albums
  • Set any album as member only

Add Videos

  • Multiple Video Categories
  • Add videos hosted on Vimeo or similar
  • Upload Flash (.flv) video
  • Upload HTML5 supported video
  • Set custom video thumbnail
  • Mobile/Tablet friendly video player
  • Reorder video position

Web Calendar

  • Multiple entries per day
  • Add, edit or delete entries
  • Span entry across multiple days
  • Month or list view options
  • Customize colors anytime
  • Add private note to entries
  • Set any entry as 'members only'


  • Multiple blog categories
  • Add, edit or delete posts
  • Set post as draft to finish later
  • Set post as 'members only'
  • Mobile friendly version
  • Comment moderation
  • Ability to subscribe to blog (new!)

Link Manager

  • Multiple link categories
  • Add, edit or delete links
  • Add links as custom html block
  • Move links up or down
  • Text or image based links
  • Add custom text at top or bottom of page
  • Paginate link categories

Membership System

  • Add, edit, delete or disable members
  • Automated membership requests
  • Approve or deny pending requests
  • Member mailing list automatically created
  • View member login history
  • Protect photos, pages, blog posts & calendar entries

Mailing List

  • Up to 5 separate mailing lists
  • Visitors can subscribe from site
  • Blacklist emails
  • Send out newsletters
  • Export/Import subscribers
  • View or resend old mailings

Security Tools

  • Ban users by IP Address
  • Disable right clicking on website
  • Disable text selection on website
  • Take website offline any time
  • Watermark photos
  • Password protect entire website

Misc Tools

  • Create multiple admin accounts
  • Add background music
  • Customize mobile site colors
  • Visitor Statistics
  • Edit & Reorder Main Menu
  • Add/Edit Meta Tags on each page