As an added measure of security & convenience, design clients have the option of hosting their website on my server.

I can also register your domain if you don't wish to divulge a real name & address to a domain provider. Hosting with me is completely optional. Clients can make their own hosting arrangements, but the server must be compatible with VedaCMS.

Hosting Fees

1st Year : No Charge!

One year of complimentary web hosting is offered to all design clients. Subsequent years must be renewed at the rates shown below.

Hosting & Domain : $150/yr

The above renewal fee applies if you host on my server and I did the initial domain name registration for you.

Hosting Only : $135/yr

Renewal fee if you registered your own domain name but host your site on my server.

Domain Only : $15/yr

Renewal fee for domain only services. This usually doesn't apply unless you have me register a second domain to use with your site.

1 year of free hosting & domain are included with all custom and template designs. The above fees only apply for subsequent years of service.

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting refers to the server where your site files are located so they can be accessed online.

A domain name is the website address visitors use to access your site and it points to your hosting account. For example, my domain is 'vedadesigns.net' and my website is hosted on my own private server. Domains and hosting are two separate entities, but are often purchased together.

Domain Email

Create a domain email address for your website (ie: you@yourdomain.com). You can create as many as you need, there is no limit.

Webmail Access

Fetch mail through any email client of your choice using IMAP/POP3 or check mail using one of the webmail clients installed on the server.

Visitor Statistics

Your hosting cPanel includes AWSTats, which is a tool to track and analyze website traffic. Logs can also be checked from directly within VedaCMS.

FTP Access

FTP is used to upload/download files directly from your hosting account. Most clients won't need to use this because content is managed within VedaCMS, but the option is there for those who do.

cPanel Software

Your hosting account uses cPanel, which is an industry leading control panel software used by many hosting providers. Many hosting related tools available for advanced users.

24/7 Server Monitoring

Both servers are monitored 24/7 by the California & Florida datacenters where they're located. They will automatically reboot or fix any hardware issues as needed.

5GB Storage

This is the amount of space clients have available on their hosting accounts. Most sites I design use less than a quarter of that amount.

25GB Monthly Bandwidth

Bandwidth refers to the amount of traffic that is allowed through your site. The limit is capped high. I've never had a client exceed this amount.

My hosting plan has been tailored to meet the needs of what most entertainers will require with respect to bandwidth, disk space and reliability.

Flexible Upgrades:
Because hosting is provided on my own dedicated servers that I have full control of, I am very flexible in terms of upgrading bandwidth and disk space when needed for no additional fee (within reason).

My hosting services are intended as a convenience & extra level of identity protection for you. Unlike a traditional web host, I will never ask you to reveal your real name or location.

Full Access:
My hosting services are fully-managed, though my clients still have access to a hosting control panel (cPanel), where they can view web site statistics, manage domain email addresses and browse their files on the server. They are also provided ftp access in case they need to have another developer work on the site.

Not Available for Support 24/7:
Please understand that because I'm a freelancer and work alone, I can't offer traditional 24/7 customer support. The datacenter monitors my servers 24/7, so if there's downtime or some other issue, they'll automatically take steps to resolve it. I'm available for email and hosting related support, but only during my normal work hours.

To ensure the server is secure and stable for everyone, I do restrict what kind of scripts or 3rd party applications are allowed to be uploaded and installed to the server. Clients who wish to install their own dynamic scripts (calendars, newsletters, form processors) or have someone do this for them must first contact me so I can research it for security exploits.

Not For Heavy Media Streaming:
Although my VedaCMS software includes a basic video gallery, my hosting servers are NOT meant for companions who require heavy video streaming. The bandwidth and server resource requirements for this would be greater than what is allocated for individual accounts. If you're in need of heavy media streaming capabilities, it will be necessary to choose a different host or utilize a video streaming service like Vimeo for off-server video hosting.