Frequently Asked Questions Questions and Answers About Services With Veda Designs

Questions and answers about template design services with Veda Designs.

A pre-built design that allows you to choose from several different preset options for colors, patterns, light/dark palette and design accents. Although there are some fully custom design elements included (like the logo), it's not considered a custom design, as other people will be able to order the exact same template & style options.

The base template fee includes the following changes:

  • Logo & Tagline:
    Your name and subheading in whatever fonts you want
  • Design Photos:
    Photos embedded within the design on each page
  • Color Presets:
    Several color presets to choose from or you can pay an additional $100 for a custom color palette..
  • Sitemap:
    I'll set up to 10 pages for you. Additional pages can be added later within VedaCMS.
  • Advertising Banner:
    A custom designed banner to match your site will be included
  • Mobile Site:
    Your website includes a mobile version that is customized to match your main site colors & logo

The following types of changes would require additional fees:

  • Layout Changes:
    Changing the structure, layout or positioning of main design blocks would require additional development that is charged at $50/hour.
  • Custom Background Accents/Patterns:
    Design accents or background patterns are restricted to the pre-built options you see in the template demo or compatible graphics that you provide with your website materials.
  • Custom Color Palette:
    If you prefer to pick your own color scheme instead of using one of the preset options, this can be added for an additional $100.
  • No Custom Entrance Page:
    Template sites don't include a custom designed entrance page.  The disclaimer can be set up on a separate page, but it would use the same design as the rest of the site. If you would like a custom designed landing page, the additional development time would be charged at $50/hour (2hr estimate)

Templates include up to 15 hours of my time for development, which generally leaves us enough room for two rounds of revisions on each customization. If you paid extra for a custom color palette or another non-standard customization, additional hours are added to the total hours included.

I'll have the website fully developed & set up within 7 days. It should be ready to launch within a 1-3 days after that if we stay within the included revision limit. The exact amount of time varies, as it depends on revision requests, response times and delivery of materials.

Because templates only include 15 hours of development time, clients will be asked to perform the following tasks after their website is set-up. This also provides an opportunity to get familiar with the editing tools you'll have access to:

  • Populating Links Page
    If there are banners and links you'll needed added to your links page, I'll have you do this using the Link Manager in your VedaCMS website editor.
  • Text Edits
    I'll do the initial insertion and formatting of your content as long as it's submitted before the initial draft of the website is ready. However, I ask that ladies perform any text changes they need beyond that point
  • Booking Form Changes
    A sample booking form will be automatically created for you. You'll have the ability to adjust the fields using an editor within your Form Sentry account.

To order, please visit my contact page and fill out a request form. If you're certain you want to work together and would like to schedule immediately, visit the Getting Started page and follow Step #1 to confirm the next open spot in my calendar..

Regrettably, due to the faster scheduling & development turnaround on template designs, template orders NOT ELITIBLE FOR A FEFUND. However, if a cancellation is necessary, I'm happy to apply your payment toward any future order that's made within six months of your original payment.