Frequently Asked Questions Questions and Answers About Services With Veda Designs

Questions and answers about hosting services with Veda Designs.

The first year of hosting is free for both custom and template design clients. After the first year, hosting renewals will be $135/year. If I also registered your domain name for you, that will be an additional $15/year. The billing system will automatically send out an invoice a few weeks before your hosting/domain expiration date and send weekly reminders until it's paid.

Hosting and domains are two separate entities. Hosting refers to the web server where your site files are located. A domain name is the web address people use to access your site.

Yes! All we'll need to do is point it to my server by editing the Domain Nameservers, which is done within your registrar account (the place where you purchased the domain). These are essentially just addresses that tell the domain where it should be pointing to. I can help with this if you're not sure how.

If I register a domain for you, it will be held within my own GoDaddy account, so you won't have admin access to it. If you need administrative control over the domain, you'll need to register it under you own name and account (just be sure to add privacy service when doing the registration so your real name and info isn't visible to the public).

Regrettably, no.Because it's important for me to keep my server secure and stable for my design clients, I only host websites that I personally developed or whose source code I am very familiar with. The only exception is if you'd like to purchase a hosted installation of my VedaCMS software, in which case, I'll be going through your source code to install everything.

Absolutely! You can easily create a domain email address within your hosting control pane after everything is set-up. Visit the hosting guide for more details and instructions.

All hosting accounts include the following:

  • 5GB Storage Space
  • 25GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • Up to 5 domain email addresses
  • Up to 5 mysql databases
  • Webmail access (choice of 3 webmail clients)
  • FTP Access for advanced users
  • cPanel hosting control panel
  • Vistior Statistics

I have two servers. One in California through and another in Florida through

My hosting servers are only used for clients I have designeed a website for or those who have ordered a hosted installation of my VedaCMS software. I don't currently offer hosting to the general public.