Frequently Asked Questions Questions and Answers About Services With Veda Designs

Questions and answers about development services with Veda Designs.

Custom Designs:
Custom designs typically required 5-7 weeks before they're ready to be launched. The exact amount of time varies, as it depends on how much time we spend on revisions.

Template & Prebuilt Custom Designs:
From start to finish, these are usually ready to launch publicly in less than two weeks. Prebuilt custom designs can take longer if you requested extensive revisions on the original design.

Refer to the Development Process section of my Getting Started Page for a detailed walk-through of each stage of development and an estimate of time required for each.

Please refer to the Getting Started page of my website, which contains detailed information about the materials I'll need to begin development and the best ways of getting them to me.

If you ordered a template design and are using a built-in color preset, it's no problem for me to start development without your photos.

However, if you ordered fully custom website or ordered a custom color palette on a template design, I'll need your photos before I can start. The reason for this is because photos have a big impact on how I draw up a color scheme and layout a website. If you are having your photos taken professionally, we should plan for a start date that follows the time estimate your photographer gave you for having the final edits back.

If you are a custom design client or ordered a custom color palette, we'll need to reschedule if your photos won't be ready within 1-2 after our original start date. In most cases, I'll simply push your start date back by a week or two, but if my upcoming schedule is already fully booked, please understand that it may be necessary to reschedule for a later date.

Please refer to the Getting Started page of my website for a complete list of everything I'll need to begin development on your website.

The following is a quick overview of what will be requested:

  • Design Questionnaire:
    In Step #2 of the Getting Started page, you'll find questionnaire form link that will be used to provide the design specific information I need. There are two versions of the form. One corresponds to template designs and the other to custom designs.
  • Design Photos:
    Photos to be built into the design of your site. Required sizes, format and other specs can be found in Step #3 on the Getting Started page.
  • Page Content:
    The content to be inserted on each of your pages. Can be sent a little later if you need more time to work on it, but MUST be received before I start coding out your site. Refer to Step #4 of the Getting Started page<

No problem. The next stage will be for us to revise the design based on your feedback. I'm happy to change as little or as much as you want from the first draft, so don't be shy about telling me what you do or don't like. As long as our development time stays within the total hours included with your design package, there will be no extra fees for going in a different direction with the design. If the number of changes you want take us beyond the total hours we have available, I'll provide an estimate on the additional charges needed to wrap up your website.

Unless we just need to make minor changes on the initial draft, the revision stage goes more smoothly if you can provide specific and detailed instructions on how you want things to look. Telling me what you don't want isn't nearly as helpful as telling me what you DO want.

When possible, I prefer photos that will be used in the design to be sized at least 1500 pixels on the longest side. However, if you are ordering a template design, I can usually accept much smaller photos depending on which layout you've chosen. Refer to the 'Photo Requirements' section of the details page of your design template to see the minimum sizes I can work with.

There is no minimum size for photos that will only be uploaded to your gallery.

If you have ordered a template or custom prebuilt design, please have your content to me within four days after our start date.

If you've ordered a custom design, it can be sent at any point before I have the initial draft ready, but would prefer it arrive no later than two weeks after our start date.

Please understand that if content delivery is excessively delayed, it will result in your website losing priority in my development queue.

Please be sure to read through the Awkward Project Scope and Policy Reminders section of my Getting Started page, as this outlines important information all new clients should be aware of before we start the development process. If you have questions or concerns about anything, please feel welcome to email me any time at