Step 1:

Please be certain to read the pre-sales and development faqs fully before requesting a new website. Most questions my assistants answer for new clients are already covered in those areas. Regrettably, due to a high volume of inquiries, requests for basic information already clearly outlined (ie: prices, features, website editor, etc.) will be prioritized lower than others.

Step 2:

After you've read through the above pages, check my Current Availability and click the button below to fill out a design request. New Template Design or Custom Prebuilt (if available) clients are welcome to submit payment immediately if they wish to secure my next open spot. Payment instructions can be found in Step #1 of the Getting Started page. However, if ordering a custom design built from scratch, please don't send payment until we've had a chance to correspond first. Availability is limited and I'm more selective about which projects to take on.

Make a Design Request

Current Availability

New websites are always scheduled to begin on Tuesday, as Mondays are a support day to past clients.

Please also check my upcoming time off to see if there are days I'll be unavailable during these blocks.


  • Template Designs: $500 
    Usually 1 spot open per week

  •  Fully Booked
  •  Fully Booked
  •  2 openings available
  • Custom From Scratch: $1500 
    Unavailable until further notice

  • Custom Prebuilt: $1000 
    If designs are available, can be scheduled in an open Template spot. Currently Unavailable. 

Having a Problem?

Existing clients, please visit the support page for information on submitting a ticket. If we haven't worked together previously, please use my general inbox address.


New Website Orders:

Please refer to the 'How to Order' section of this page.

General Contact:
General inquiries & email to use during development. Past clients, please no support requests here. PGP Users: grab my public key.

Support Contact:
Support email for post-launch clients. Will open a support ticket in my help desk.

Telephone Policy:

I am unavailable by phone
I apologize for the inconvenience, but I work exclusively by email.

Work Schedule (hours may vary)


Fall/Winter/Spring: 8am to 4pm
Summer: Noon to 7pm
Majority of week is reserved for new websites in development. I try to set aside one day a week for time on support requests. Visit the support page for more information.

Off Time:

Evenings, Weekends & US Holidays
Please understand that as a freelancer working from a home office, I can't be available 24/7. Evenings and weekends are reserved for time with my family.

My assistant Christine monitors my inbox on a daily basis (Monday-Friday), though does the majority of replies during an evening/graveyard shift.